Re-opening (2022) Info. For Our Customers

As Covid-19 is slow to disappear completely, we remain vigilant and operate a continued “Covid-Secure” business.

We do not know who has been fully vaccinated and had the booster, so we have to keep ourselves and our customers safe.

This means our procedures will be carried out as for 2020 and 2021.  The Site Office will remain closed to visitors (see below).

What if I need to talk to staff or the office?

The office will be closed to all visitors and customers for the foreseeable future. If you have a general enquiry or request, please either call or email the office. We are operating a “virtual office” and all business / assistance will be given or arranged by phone or email. Office hours remain the same, however, the same office number will come through to Julian if you need after-hours help. You can also post written notes/requests or cheques through the new customer post box located near the office door – please do not give them to staff you see on the park or ask them directly for everyday job requests.

If you do need to speak to staff about something more urgent (or just want to wave hello!) then you must do so outside and at a continued minimum distance of 2m. Please keep interactions with staff to a minimum and brief. The workshop and its tools (including ladders) are out-of-bounds.

If you need us to look at something inside your caravan, we will make an appointment with you to look when you are out. Under no circumstances will staff go in a caravan whilst someone is there, or has recently been vacated by someone unwell (even if not Covid), so please bear this in mind!

Staff have also been instructed to wear gloves, masks and other protective gear whilst in your caravan, however quick and easy the job is! This is to keep both them and you safe. The same rules will be followed by the gas engineers and other contractors if needed.

What about the bin areas, bike store and laundry?

You can access the laundry, bin areas and bike stores, but only one person at a time. Hand sanitizers are on the walls near the bins / doors. Please wash your hands before coming to the bins, wear gloves if you have them, and wash / sanitize afterwards.

The workshop is strictly staff only at this time, and we regret that we cannot lend out tools or ladders, so please bring what you need or make a job request through the office.

Wherever you are on the park, social distancing of minimum 2m or 6’ must be observed at all times. (Except in your own caravan!).

Gas bottles and payments?

There will be no ‘customer collections’ of gas bottles. All gas will be delivered to your van by Steve or Wayne. Gas deliveries will not be ‘on demand’ so please leave plenty of time when ordering. You should order through the office, and you do not have to pay for the gas at the time of ordering, instead, you can send a cheque or pay by bank transfer once a separate invoice has been raised and mailed.

We will not be accepting ANY cash for gas or any other payments this season. Cheque or bank transfer only. You may put cheques or notes through the office (building) letter box, but any cash put through there will not be dealt with and returned to your van. Thank you for your co-operation.

What if I feel unwell or develop symptoms whilst at my caravan?

Following a lateral flow test showing positive, you must immediately self-isolate in your van for the required period, along with anyone also using your van, whether or not they also have symptoms. Lateral flow tests must be used daily to monitor your symptoms. If you need medical advice call 111 (or 999 if an emergency). You must also get in touch with the Site Office by calling the park number, to advise the situation from outset.

Let’s all follow the rules, and continue to stay safe and look after each other, so you can all enjoy your caravans and West Norfolk again!

We look forward to seeing you on the park on 19 March or when you are ready to visit.

Any and all queries, please contact the office on 01485 570 361 (that’s the only number you need for everything!) or

Kind regards,

Julian and team.