As a caravan purchase represents a substantial financial outlay and perhaps you are a first-time buyer; it’s important to get it right.

What will it cost me to acquire a caravan at Tall Trees?

The price of the caravans is stated on the notice in the caravan window and on this website. This includes delivery, VAT, siting, connections to mains water, drainage and electricity, and also includes full gas equipment complete with two full bottles.  Anyone purchasing a caravan on the Park will be offered the benefits of a legally binding Agreement approved by The Office of Fair Trading.  Copies of a specimen Agreement are available from the Park Office.  Your caravan will be cleaned out, checked over and sited on a pitch of your choice.  In addition to the caravan you will need to arrange caravan insurance through our recommended partner Compass Insurance, whose details we will provide you with.

How much are the annual charges?

Charges for the 2024 season are £2,980. This figure is inclusive of pitch fees, service charges, water and sewage, rates and VAT.  Pitch fees are payable in full by 20th March in each year.  A further invoice in respect of the (metered) number of units of electricity used by each individual owner is sent in the autumn, along with any other services requested such as winter drain down.

Are there any other expenses?

Gas cylinders for cooking and heating have to be paid for as you require them and vans must be insured against such risks as fire, storm and third party liability as set out in your Agreement. In addition we offer a number of optional maintenance services such as draining down the plumbing system in the autumn, annual safety checks on all your gas appliances, etc.   We want you to be able to relax and enjoy the time you spend on the Park.

Do owners have any legal security of pitch?

Yes, under the Agreement offered to purchasers of all new caravans security of pitch is guaranteed for a minimum period of ten years. Customers buying a second-hand van have a legally enforceable right to a pitch up to the van being ten years old.  Owners of vans over ten years old are on site at the discretion of the Park owner, but, provided units are well maintained and fully insured owners can expect to have their Agreement renewed on a year to year basis for a further ten years.

Can I let my caravan?

No, in order to preserve the quiet nature of the Park, use of caravans is restricted to owner/occupiers and family members only (for definition of “family member”, please ask to see the paragraph pertaining to this, in our License Agreement).

Subletting is NOT permitted.

Are dogs allowed?

A maximum of two well-behaved dogs are welcome provided they are kept under control. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times whilst on the Park.  In the case of ‘accidents’ it is your responsibility to clean up after your dog.

Can I use my caravan all the year round?

No, because we are a holiday park and not a residential site, use has to be restricted. The normal season is from the 20th of March until the end of October.  Caravans are for recreational use only; it is essential that you have a permanent (UK) address elsewhere.

Is there WiFi available on the park?

Yes. Our WiFi system is run by Benington Networks and you can purchase its use on a month by month basis. There are two levels of service – streaming (15mbps) or email/browsing (5 mbps). Please see https://benington-networks.co.uk for more details.

 What electrical equipment can I use in my Caravan?

Each unit has a 16 amp. Supply – equivalent to 3,600 watts – and is suitable for most domestic appliances. However, it is intended that owners should rely mainly on gas for their cooking, heating and hot water and avoid high wattage electric heaters, kettles, etc.

 If I wish to dispose of my caravan in a few years time, what options do I have?

The procedure for selling your caravan is set out in a separate leaflet available from the Park Office. Briefly, under your Agreement you may sell your van privately with the benefit of the pitch provided it is less than ten years old.  In the event of a private sale a commission of 15% of the achieved sale price is payable by the seller to the Park owner.

Is there anybody on site to deal with minor problems and the purchase of gas and other enquiries?

Yes, during the season the Park Office is open every day. Most days there will also be maintenance staff working outside on the Park who will always be pleased to help you in an emergency.  Outside of Office hours calls to the Park are normally diverted to someone who may be able to help you immediately. Our aim is to provide a high standard of personal service and supervision.